Стартап компани бий болгох туршлага, боломж
UniMorph 4.0: Universal Morphology

Дүрс боловсруулалтад суурилсан амин үзүүлэлтүүдээр идэвхитэй КОВИД-19 халдварыг илрүүлэгч

To address the need for preliminary detection of COVID-19 infection in afebrile subjects, we developed a novel vital-signs-based infection screening composite-type camera (VISC-Camera) to screen for possibly infected patients in a non-contact manner. Results are available within 10 seconds, including data processing time. The proposed VISC-Camera system measures 22 × 14 × 4 cm and incorporates an infrared stereo depth camera for respiratory rate determination, a red–green–blue camera for heart rate monitoring, and a thermal camera for facial temperature measurement. The system discriminates infected patients from healthy people using a logistic regression algorithm based on the three measured parameters. Clinical testing was conducted on 154 COVID-19 inpatients (aged 18–81 years; M/F=87/67) and 147 healthy volunteers (aged 18–85 years, M/F=70/77) at the First Central Hospital of Mongolia. All patients had been treated with antivirals and had body temperatures <37.5°C. The system achieved 91% sensitivity and 90% specificity.

Илтгэгч: Докторант .Ө.Батбаяр

2021-2022 хаврын улирлын семинар 2022-05-04 ны 12.40 минутад МУИС-ийн 3-р байр 221 тоотод болно.

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