The Mongolian Wordnet is a freely available, lexico-semantic resource for the Mongolian language.

The Mongolian language is the official language of Mongolia and both the most widely-spoken and best-known member of the Mongolic language family. The number of speakers across all its dialects may be 5.2 million, including the vast majority of the residents of Mongolia and many of the Mongolian residents of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.


MonWN v1.0, a lexico-semantic resouce for Mongolian language [github]


  • 26,875 words
  • 2,979 glosses
  • 23,665 synsets
  • 213 examples


People worked on this project are:

  • Altanger Chagnaa: the project leader, supervision, and research;
  • Amarsanaa Ganbold: research, supervision, translation, and validation;
  • Khuyagbaatar Batsuren: research and development;
  • Oyundari Nyamdavaa: translation and validation;
  • Erdenebileg Batbaatar: research and development.


This resource is available under the Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) License. Read more about this license from